FREE Network Monitoring



An Easy Way to Avoid Being Blindsided By Unexpected Downtime, Viruses, Missed Backups And Failing Hardware While Keeping You Firmly In Control Of The CheckBook.

Thanks to our Small Business Advisor Program, you can now get all the network monitoring  you need absolutely FREE.  The program is very simple and straight forward.  We deploy our monitoring software on your network and it chugs away looking for things like  missing patches, outdated antivirus, failing hard drives, missed backups and crashing programs.  When something happens, the advisor program will send you and email that details the nature of the problem and some suggestions on fixing it.

YOU Decide what’s important and How to proceed.

If you want us to fix it, just reply to the email and a billable technician from our office will remote in, or come onsite and fix the issue.   We try to include as much information in the advisor program email alerts so that you can just follow the steps and fix it yourself.

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